Monica Burrow
Original Art from BC and Beyond

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Nice website with your wonderful paintings. Love your workshops too.
Rod Winning - 18 Sep 2020
I just unwrapped the painting and it's beautiful! I love it, thanks so much!!! Now I have to decide where to hang it. Cindy, California.
CJ - 9 Sep 2020
Monica - THANK YOU SO MUCH!! The painting is beautiful but the extra special painting of the bone is just too much!! We love it and are so thankful for your talent, sense of humor, and kindness. We'll cherish both paintings forever - I cannot wait to hang them up - safely. Stay well. Be safe. Keep painting. Kindest regards, Meredeth, Bill, Ryan 🐕, Bindi 🐕, Jolene 🐕(the dog that ate the first piece of art), and Tura 🐕
Meredeth - 9 Sep 2020
It is a rare gift to be able to capture the essential spirit of a land, a place...find a true reflection , if we have been to a place that you have painted, each piece is lovingly familiar ! If not, we are drawn to the spirit captured on canvas....congratulations Monica
Cheryl Christianson - 7 Dec 2018
Simply great. Wonderful atmosphere. Love it very much.
Joe Steiner - 18 Dec 2017
Wow!!! Incredible work . Love the flow of your paintings, a true talent.
Mark Smith - 2 Jul 2017
A very nice website Monica! Hope you get lots of traffic.
Nancy Dean - 9 Jun 2017
Great website Monica!!!
Kathy E Swift - 9 Jun 2017
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