Monica Burrow
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Workshop Reviews


Reviews from participants:

"Beyond my expectations. You were absolutely fabulous as an instructor. I really appreciated your planning and organization and knowledge that you were so eager to impart. You made everything completely accessible. You knew what you wanted to achieve and had a plan to get there. I give you 5 stars out of 5 on both of your courses." SB Zoom 2020

"Monica is a very capable instructor with a lot of knowledge which she willingly shared. It was a perfect experience. The workshop surpassed all my hopes and expectations. Besides all the valued information she shared with us throughout, Monica did a demo which was definitely one of the best presented demos I have seen. I was a bit apprehensive about a Zoom class but you made it such a joyful experience and I thank you once again." - SR Zoom 2020

"Monica's painting classes were delivered via Zoom. She was able to make that platform work for teaching, She could do face-to face, switch to examples, and also to demos. The demo was probably as useful to me as my own painting so I really appreciated that. Her presentation was a mixture of theory, examples, demonstrations, and guided practice. With students at all levels of experience, she was able to step in with each of us at the level we were working. Monica is patient and very supportive of our work and I feel encouraged to carry on." MW Zoom 2020

"The workshop was both interesting and helpful. I learned about creating depth using lighter and darker colours. The workshop met my expectations and what I learned was worth the value." AH Zoom 2020

"Monica Burrow's workshop, was an outstanding success. She nailed the presentation, educated us, encouraged us, and left us wanting more." - KF 2019

"Monica was REALLY instructive. helpful, kind, and patient.She was very organized but didn't overwhelm us with info." - KB 2019

"Monica is very articulate with when instructing. Never felt like I was not worthy of being in the class. Her cadence was excellent, good use of analogies,  good explanations. Excellent mentorship. You gave us such a lot of information yesterday and I can't imagine the amount of time you put into thinking it all through. I found all the visuals really helpful, your teachings were easy to digest and your non judgemental nature a blessing." - JI-H 2019

"Very competent and enthusiastic instructor. Encouraging. Met all the participants at their level." - NG 2019

" Monica is probably the best instructor I have had a workshop with." - EH 2019

"Wonderful basic instruction to begin. Lots of feedback and guidance during self painting. Wonderful final demo." - KS 2019

"Teaching to the group, lots of visuals, demos and individual help as well. Having been a teacher I know how much effort you put into those visuals." - GE 2019


Reviews are in from the 2020 and 2021 Online Zoom Classes !!!

"This course is a must for any serious painter. In 2 days with just 7 tubes of acrylic paints you will have created a recipe book containing a wide spectrum of colors and hues which serves as an invaluable reference guide for all of your future paintings. Monica is not only  a good teacher but she also makes it fun!  Thanks Monica." MCE Zoom 2021

"The class was so good and I have much more knowledge and skill to put into my paintings. Terrific class." KF Zoom 2020

"The colour mixing was a real eye opener. I knew about warm and cool colours, but did not realize the extent to which that information affected my mixing. MW Zoom 2020

"Thank you for a great day of learning. I learned so much." MW (after day one of two) Zoom 2020

"Thanks for the wonderful day of explicit and well thought out instruction" (after day one of two) Thanks again for the last couple of days. My head is spinning from what I packed in, but what a course! Fantastic! (after day two). I give you 5 out of 5 stars on both of your courses." SB Zoom 2020

"Thank you for the class. I can see you put a lot of thought and effort into preparing a well organized and enjoyable class." ME Zoom 2020

"I totally enjoyed the two day Color Mixing Workshop on Zoom. Monica is a natural teacher, making everyone comfortable while sharing her extensive knowledge in a well organized classroom environment. A valuable course for artists of any level looking to better understand  the world of color." EH Zoom 2021

"I thought the class was excellent, well planned, and well timed. ... Instructions and supply list were very clear. .... Worked very well on Zoom. .... I would recommend that anyone who is not experienced at the range of colours you can get from a few tubes of paint could benefit from taking the class. ... It was really worthwhile. I learned a lot." GE Zoom 2021

"I enjoyed the class very much. In fact I liked the closeup aspect that could be provided by Zoom. Ideal for people who have painted before even as beginners, rather than for a complete novice. ... let me know when you will be having another class." MT Zoom 2021